From the Latin aqua marina, "sea water", this transparent stone evokes the color of the water with its blue-green hue.
It is discovered in Brazil, Madagascar, Nigeria, Mozambique, Namibia, Nepal, Afghanistan, Russia and Pakistan.
Its color has been worthy of being regarded since time immemorial as a talisman for sailors and all travelers who go to sea.
In India and ancient Egypt, it was used to shape amulets.
In Greece, it was said that seahorses had stolen these aquatic stones from the nymphs' treasure, and then deposited them on the shores of men.


Amethyst is the most valuable stone in the quartz group. It is given priority in Brazil, Madagascar, the United States and Namibia. Since the dawn of time has been noticed by the peoples of the world, amethyst is one of the most widespread gems in the world. Present everywhere, it is none the less unique in its history and color that oscillates between purple, violet and red violet.
Very beautiful amethysts are present in the British Crown Jewels and were also among the favorites of Catherine of Russia and the Egyptian kingship.
It symbolizes happiness.

In Tibet, it is considered the sacred Gem of Buddha.


The gem quality apatites are rather rare.
Polished and trimmed it is a high quality gemstone.
The stone sparkles with an attractive shine.
Its bright color catches the eye.
This stone is mainly found in Brazil, Madagascar and Mexico.


Citrine is a fine stone that is part of the quartz family.
Its name comes from the name lemon which is yellow, however it is often of golden color or orange (cognac). Since the antiquity the citrine is reputed to bring joy of life and good humor and turn the negative thoughts into positive.
A perfect citrine is transparent, meaning that the light crosses the stone without obstacles.
They are found in abundance in Brazil, Madagascar, Uruguay and Bolivia.


For a long time, it was considered an object of curiosity by collectors. Fascinating, it is at the same time, animal, vegetable and mineral.
Often called red gold for its use in jewelry, the Coral is a warm gem.
In ancient Greece, Coral is linked to the history of Perseus.
For the Buddhists the Coral is considered as one of the 7 treasures, it has many virtues and is worn as a talisman.


Rock crystal is the most widely known and most widespread monocrystalline variety of Quartz. It is chemically pure, which explains its great clarity and its total absence of color. The most known deposits for the number and size of crystals are in Brazil. It is commonly carved, engraved and carved in all its forms, in ornamental objects (cups, vases, luminaries ...), in divinatory instruments (the famous crystal ball) and in jewelery.


Due to its exceptional qualities of hardness, shine and rarity, the diamond is a major symbol of the perfection of love and fidelity. A combination of 4 subtle criteria makes it possible to differentiate diamonds:
- Carat: the weight of the stone. 1 carat corresponds to 0,2g
- Cut: the shape of the stone can be round, princess, cushion etc ...
- Clarity: the purity of the stone depends on the number of inclusions present
- Color: the color of the stone. If a scale is recognized from "exceptional white" to yellowish, diamonds also exist in all colors.

Until the beginning of the 18th century, all diamonds came from India. Then came deposits in Brazil and then, since 1866, in South Africa, Angola, Australia, Congo, Mali, Namibia, Russia.


Rare and of extraordinary brilliance, these diamonds are of a unique beauty.

According to scientists, the birth of the black diamond would rise up to 2.6 to 3.8 billion years in space. More shockingly, it is made up of chemical elements that do not come from the earth. Thus, unlike his brothers the diamonds of colors, which originated at the end of a volcanic eruption, it would have originated from space.

The black diamond is very rare and is hardly found on the market.

One of the characteristics of this diamond is that it does not diffuse light, as it is black, it absorbs it entirely. Powerful and mysterious, black can only seduce independent women, with a sure elegance.


Deep and vibrant, with its blue-violet-yellow trichroism according to the angle of observation, iolite is appreciated for its bluish reflections which make it majestic.
Once pruned, its blue is quite close to certain sapphires.

It comes mainly from Burma, Sri Lanka, Brazil and Madagascar.
It symbolizes trust and security. The legends say that the Vikings used iolite to navigate the ships when the horizon was covered by clouds. It was enough for them to turn the stone until it became clearer to get the direction of the sun.


For all lovers of stones, lapis-lazuli remains one of the richest stones in history and mythology.
Lapis defines its color by its name which comes from Latin which means stone and lazuli which means azure.
The Egyptians gave him divine virtues, the stone of the sky, and many ceremonial objects in lapis-lazuli were found in the tombs of pharaohs.
It is usually found in cabochon, but also in figurine, mosaic, sculpture.
Its color is evenly distributed, but in general the color is spotted with golden pyrite.


Very spectacular mineral, malachite is present in all the civilizations of antiquity.
In the rough, it fascinates by its tormented relief and its color of Amazonian forest.
After polishing, concentric rings, light or dark ribbons reveal all the mysterious beauty of the stone.
The green meanders of malachite amaze us since the dawn of time.
It has a beautiful shine and a wide variety of aspects.
Most often its concretioned texture gives it an irregular appearance that makes each malachite unique.


Smooth iridescent shine Mother of pearl is part of the family of organic pearls.
It has been used as an ornamental stone for more than 3000 years BC.
Indeed, a great number of civilizations used mother-of-pearl and appreciated it enormously.
Archaeologists have also found jewels and mother-of-pearl tools in the treasures of the Mesopotamian kingdom.
After Queen Elizabeth I gave her her name of "Mother of Pearl", Mother-of-Pearl saw a sharp rise in demand for the door on any type of jewelry.


Used since ancient times, onyx is a completely opaque black stone of the agate family.
Onyx comes from Brazil, India, California or Europe.
This dark and fascinating gem is known to help control his emotions and passion. In India, it protected evil forces.


This limpid and brilliant gem, often called Olivine is of a luminous absinthe green, which captures the light intensely.
It is one of the oldest known stones. It was one of the favorite stones of Queen Cleopatra symbolizing the "Gem of the Sun".
Today beautiful peridots come from the quarries of Myanmar, in South Africa, Australia, Brazil, United States, Mexico, Sri Lanka.


The opal name comes from the Latin "opalus" meaning precious stone.
Known and appreciated since antiquity, it was used as a talisman that would bring to its wearer, beauty, success and happiness.
Long time shunned in our European civilizations, the Opal seems to find a place of choice in jewelry creation.
Colored flashes of color that change according to the angle of observation and occur only with opals.


Pink quartz is a variety of quartz with soft and pastel color.
Transparent, the light passes through it and gives it a special luster.
It is extracted in large quantities in Brazil although the best stones come from Madagascar.
Rose quartz became the symbol of unconditional love and inner peace by its pink color.
He would have the virtues of bringing calm, serenity and sweetness to the one who carries it.


The prasiolite is a transparent green quartz, the light tint of which takes bluish reflections.
This mineral is also known in Zimbabwe, South Africa, the Urals, Germany, Finland and Scotland.
Prasiolite is renowned for having the power to strengthen emotions and mind and bring joy to the heart.


The sapphire is a precious stone, transparent to translucent, which belongs to the family of Corindons.
If blue is the most famous color, it can take all the colors except the red (it is a ruby): Yellow, pink, orange, purple and even colorless, the possibilities are endless ...
The color depends on the concentration of iron and titanium in the mineral.
The sapphires come from Thailand, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Tanzania and Australia.
It is a stone of hope, which brings fortune, protects against betrayals, and helps to resolve quarrels. It is probably for this reason that it is offered so often on the occasion of betrothal.


One of the first stones to have been extracted, turquoise is prized throughout history for its intense color ranging from blue to green depending on the amount of copper and iron it presents.
Its unique color and its inheritance make it a very desirable stone.
In all the cultural traditions it was considered a sacred stone, a lucky charm.
Today, very popular with fashion designers and the greatest jewelers, turquoise is displayed in the windows of the Place Vendôme and crosses the catwalks of the parades as it has crossed the epochs.


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