In real little treasures, jewelry should be handled with the utmost care to preserve their beauty and luster over time.
Unworn, each piece should be stored separately, to avoid any shock or scratch. We recommend that you store your jewelry in their pouch or in a separate compartment jewelry box. Chains must be kept closed, wrapped and laid flat to prevent the formation of knots.
When you wear them, we recommend that you avoid shocks that could affect the quality of your jewelry. Thus, you should avoid wearing your jewelry when you swim in the beach or practice sports, cooking or gardening. Avoid contact with cosmetics or household products, because they contain ingredients that could damage them.
Rings, in particular, require more attention, we recommend that you remove when you wash your hands or practice manual activities.
We advise you to check the status of your jewelry regularly, especially fasteners and set the stones to make sure that they are well maintained.
Most jewelry can be cleaned: Soak your jewelry regularly for a few minutes in warm soapy water (pH-neutral soap). Rub gently with a very soft tooth brush. Rinse thoroughly with clean warm water and dry with a soft cloth. This simple and fast operation will maintain a nice shine to your jewelry.
If over time your jewelry is tarnished or scratched, gold can be re-polished, which will restore them to their original luster. White Gold Rhodium should be, that is to say, covered with a layer of rhodium which gives it its color and luster.


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